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Markets in Thailand can be a gold mine for a vast array of handicrafts; everything from clothing and scarves, to ancient Buddha sculptures and tribal jewelry. Most markets are absolutely enormous, home to thousands of stalls, and can feel like navigating through a complicated maze. To come out alive, or at least with a few good purchases, you have to be willing to do some heavy searching.

On one of my recent trips to a market in Bangkok, I found this amazing little clothing shop, carrying one of a kind, hand-printed dresses. I bought myself a black and white maxi dress, thinking, I would never be able to find something this unique in the states for a reasonable price. That is when the light bulb went off!

Take a look at the new page on my blog: My Shop. This is a place where my blog viewers can buy the dresses I am bringing home from Thailand in April. Check out my new page, My Shop, and please send me an email if you are interested in purchasing a dress: alexa.j.stuart@gmail.com


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Railroad Market

One of the highlights of my parents visit was the railway market, located about 70 km outside Bangkok. It would be a lie to say that I was overly excited to visit a market. Sean and I go to the Ayutthaya market at least once a week to buy our cooking ingredients, so my initial feeling was “been there, done that”.

Every morning, vegetable, fruit, meat and fish vendors set up  shop, flanking the sides of a popular railroad track. The market begins in the early morning and continues until about noon (give or take an hour or two- Thai time). Sometime around 9am, the vendors hear the roaring sounds of the incoming train and quickly roll their stalls no more than three feet away from the tracks, leaving inches between their produce and the rushing train. After the train passes, the stalls are put back into place, and the shopping continues.

We left the hotel at 7am sharp, all four of us piling into a minivan that would normally carry 15-20 Thais. We arrived at the market and Nang, our Thai guide, led us through the various stalls, helping us decipher between pig stomach and intestines. We made our way to the railroad. The only place to walk is on the actual railroad track, so you can imagine how crowded the small passageway was. Thai’s were everywhere; fighting to get the still flopping red snapper they had their eye on before the person behind them.

This market had everything you could imagine, and a lot that you would not want to think about.  We were a bit unlucky, there was flooding and the daily train had been cancelled that day- but the site of this controlled chaos made me realize how crazy and backwards this country can be, and made my parents realize how lucky they are to have Grand Foods Grocery just a few blocks away.

Here are some pictures from the market. Enjoy!

A HUGE piece of swordfish

Thai Eggplant




Fresh Catfish






Railroad Market

Thai Vegetables

Pig Stomach

Blue Crab

Red Snapper and Sea Bass



Thai Green Mussels

Fish Roe

Fermented Shrimp and Shrimp Paste

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