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Markets in Thailand can be a gold mine for a vast array of handicrafts; everything from clothing and scarves, to ancient Buddha sculptures and tribal jewelry. Most markets are absolutely enormous, home to thousands of stalls, and can feel like navigating through a complicated maze. To come out alive, or at least with a few good purchases, you have to be willing to do some heavy searching.

On one of my recent trips to a market in Bangkok, I found this amazing little clothing shop, carrying one of a kind, hand-printed dresses. I bought myself a black and white maxi dress, thinking, I would never be able to find something this unique in the states for a reasonable price. That is when the light bulb went off!

Take a look at the new page on my blog: My Shop. This is a place where my blog viewers can buy the dresses I am bringing home from Thailand in April. Check out my new page, My Shop, and please send me an email if you are interested in purchasing a dress: alexa.j.stuart@gmail.com


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